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Efficient support - reducing downtime

Huge downtimes?

Downtime means regression. With us as your partner and the tailored plans, steps will be taken toward the future. In order to use PACKMAT® machines in the optimal position of your production, we create a thought out, future-oriented concept.
However, even after delivery and installation, our task as your partner is not over, it’s quite the opposite. With maintenance contracts, repair service and professional general overhaul, we ensure that you benefit in the long-term from our progressive machines.



In order to increase the service life of your machine and the value linked to this for your company, we provide maintenance contracts.



We are also available to you for advice with repairs. Our experienced team is on hand to help you repair your packaging plant.



A professional general overhaul by our engineers increases the service life of your machine and ensures that you are able to produce with your usual level of quality for many years.

Remote diagnostics - the alternative to service on-site

A quick customer service team is available to our customers; they are also a second efficient form of presence on-site. According to experience, up to 20% service calls are rectified in this way.

Remote maintenance

Quick diagnostics, low costs

According to experience, up to 20 % of service calls are rectified online. With remote diagnostics, you will increase your profitability and reduce your repair and maintenance costs.

The opportunity to reduce costs!

Taught in a practice-oriented manner, our training provision provides an interdisciplinary specialist knowledge on all of the PACKMAT® machines in order to achieve the greatest benefit through correct operation.

Reliable, quick & competent

Find the correct contact partner at a glance for your concern. Our support team, which consists of packaging professionals, will helpfully assist you.

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